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Our passion for automation

      We understand the customer’s needs and desires for import automation. During the development phase, we fully discuss with customers, consider production line production and provide improvement experience to customers for reference, in order to achieve the expected production benefits and create a win-win situation.

      Automation equipment used in smart phone assembly / precision connector assembly / automotive semiconductor assembly test equipment / AOI automatic optical inspection / medical equipment assembly / bicycle industry / whole plant automation, rich experience and performance, widely recognized by the industry.

We are moving towards industry together 4.0

Industry 4.0 should develop a smart manufacturing system (smart factory) based on smart machinery and combine technology such as sensors, robots, Internet of Things, big data, virtual and real systems, and lean management to support each Activities and services for manufacturing.

The spirit of Industry 4.0 is to link and optimize, link manufacturing related elements, and optimize to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of enterprises. The Japanese manufacturer’s goal is to pursue “zero downtime, zero waiting”, and the ultimate goal of German Industry 4.0 is to achieve the “maximum customized” production flexibility of economic batch size at the same cost.

Best solution for productivity

QuickCheck QCM8080


1. Large depth of field telecentric lens

2. Changeable lighting system

3. Easy boot programming

4. Complete measurement report

We provide the best automated service

PCB industry

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Medical Devices

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